The Last Supper Performs to a Full House for Five Nights at AUC Falaki Theater Cairo The Last Supper returned to its hometown after a successful tour performing in Belgium and Italy in January, Berlin in April and in August as the first Egyptian performance in Singapore. Hosted by AUC Falaki Theater in Downtown Cairo for 5 nights from the 22nd of September till the 26th of September, the performance played to a full house on all 5 nights. Notably Al Ahram Online has credited the play in a review by May Selim, “The director creates a space in which the audience remains in close proximity to the actors. The stage of the Falaki Theatre has been transformed into a rectangular box in which actors and spectators are isolated from the outside world. As such, the useless conversations of the caricatured characters start weighing heavily on the audience, who find in them resemblances to people in their own lives.”