Ahmed El Attar is an Egyptian independent theatre director, translator, playwright, and culture manager. He is the founder & general manager of Studio Emad Eddin (SEE) Foundation, a unique project that offers rehearsals and training spaces to independent performing artists in Egypt. El Attar is also the founder and artistic director of Orient Productions, Temple Independent Theatre Company, and Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF). His theatre work has been performed in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, and the UAE. His 2007 play, F**K Darwin or How I Have Learned to Love Socialism, received the Best Actor Award at the twenty-second edition of the Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre. In January 2010, El Attar received the prize for Best Theatre Text from the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development for his play Life Is Beautiful or Waiting for My Uncle from America. In November 2013, he received the Pioneers of Egypt award Synergos Foundation in the United States.  The Last Supper – which he wrote and directed – deals with the apathy of the Egyptian bourgeoisie and was performed in 2015 as part of the official selection of the sixty-ninth edition of Avignon Festival and at the forty-fourth edition of the Festival d’Automne in Paris. It has been touring the world ever since. Before the Revolution 2017, is a show aimed at bringing to the spectator the oppressive atmosphere prior to the Egyptian revolution of 2011. This 45-minute performance mixing between stage, writing, and musical rhythm was performed several times in Egypt and Europe. Attar is currently touring internationally with his latest theatre play entitled Mama. This performance is concerned with both the role and the impact of ‘the mother’ and women in general, especially in light of Egypt’s traditional family structures and its patriarchal society. This play will be presented at the 72nd edition of the Avignon Festival in July 2018.